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Microsoft Stream Auditing

Microsoft Stream is the perfect solution for managing enterprise video content, and with AdminDroid, you can easily keep track of all Stream activities. Gain insights on live events, text-track events, settings-based events for better Microsoft Stream management.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is a centralized video platform that allows organizations to easily store, share, and collaborate on videos, such as comments, likes, and reactions. With Stream, users can upload videos from their devices, create channels to organize videos by topic and embed videos in other Microsoft 365 apps.

Effortlessly track Stream activities to help the organization meet regulatory requirements at ease. AdminDroid includes 35+ Microsoft Stream audit reports that cover live events, Stream videos, video engagement levels, Stream channels & groups, tenant and user level settings at ease.

Microsoft Stream Auditing

Get to Know About Your Microsoft Stream Infrastructure Better

Microsoft Stream Live Events

Microsoft Stream Live Events

Gain complete metrics on Stream live events-based activities at ease.

AdminDroid offers detailed audit reports on Stream live event broadcasts, including information on when the live event ingestion began and ended. Additionally, obtain a complete summary of live events, allowing for better insight and assessment.

Microsoft Stream Video Auditing

Attain complete info on Stream video-based events and ensure a seamless streaming experience.

Admins can obtain complete Stream video events such as video creations, uploads, deletions, restorations, etc., AdminDroid’s powerful MS Stream auditing tool. Find info on deleted videos from recycle bin, video sharing link creations, trimmed videos, etc.

Microsoft Stream Video Auditing
Microsoft Stream Video Engagement Events

Microsoft Stream Video Engagement Events

Check out the most liked, viewed, and shared videos in Microsoft Stream.

AdminDroid’s Microsoft Stream reports provide you with user engagement metrics such as video views, shares, downloads, likes, and dislikes, as well as added and deleted comments on Microsoft Stream videos. Admins can gain understanding of how widely Stream is adopted among organizational users.

Microsoft Stream Video Text Tracking Audit

Keep tabs on complete Stream video text track activities, including suspicious deletions.

Captions make Stream videos easier to consume for everyone because of the worldwide language diversity. Using these reports, audit all the Stream video text track events, such as unwanted text track deletions, uploads, modifications, and more.

Microsoft Stream Video Text Track Events
Microsoft Stream Channel Events

Microsoft Stream Channel Audit Events

Examine metrics on all the Stream channel-based operations for better governance.

Events related to Stream channels, including when the channel was created, modified, deleted, and thumbnail uploads, can be obtained. Through this report, admins can get all possible information about the Stream channel events.

Microsoft Stream Group Auditing

Stay updated on Stream group membership changes to avoid undesired consequences.

This report allows admins to easily fetch Stream group-based operations, such as creations, membership modifications, admin role changes, etc. In addition to this, admins can obtain reports on Stream admin/member role changes and overall stream activities.

Microsoft Stream Group Events
Settings Based Microsoft Stream Events

Settings Based Microsoft Stream Events

Monitor comprehensive oversight of tenant-based setting modifications effectively.

Using this report, admins can stay informed about modifications made to both tenant and user-based settings in Microsoft Stream. With this report, now admins can identify who modified Stream settings and when they were made.

Live Events Broadcasting started Ingestion started Ingestion stopped All live events-based actions
Video Events Video creations Video modifications Video uploads Video deletions Video deletions from Recycle Bin Video restorations Sharing link creationss Thumbnail uploads Trimmed Videos All video-based events
Video Engagement Events Video views Video shares Video downloads Video likes/dislikes Comment additions/deletions All engagement events
Video Text Track Events Text track uploads Text track modifications Text track deletions All text track events
Channel Events Channel creations Report deletions Channel modifications Report publications Channel thumbnail uploads Channel deletions All channel-based operations
Group Events Channel creations Group modifications Group deletions Admin role changes Group membership modifications All group-based operations
Setting-Based Events Tenant setting changes User setting changes

Microsoft Stream Alerting

Stay alerted on crucial activities with AdminDroid’s Microsoft Stream reporting– never miss a beat!

Microsoft Stream Alerting

The primary purpose of Microsoft Stream is to provide a secure, centralized platform for hosting, managing, and sharing videos within an organization. Depending on the nature of the videos hosted on Microsoft Stream, admins need to have a keen eye on each activity to ensure regulatory compliance and company policies. With AdminDroid, Microsoft Stream auditing tool, you can create alerts for critical stream events by clicking the alert icon readily from the respective MS Stream reports.

Here's a list of crucial events based on their importance from a security, privacy, and content management perspective, you may need to monitor:

  • Starting of live events broadcast in Microsoft Stream: This event is significant because it involves real-time broadcasting of content that may have a wide audience. By setting up alerts, admins can ensure not any sensitive content is live.
  • Deletion of Microsoft Stream videos, video text track, and Stream channels: The permanent deletion of Microsoft Stream videos, text tracks, and channels is a critical event as it can lead to the loss of important data. By keeping an eye on Stream deletions, admins can prevent significant consequences on data loss, such as the loss of historical records, the inability to access training materials, the disruption of business operations, etc.
  • Downloading of Microsoft Stream videos: When a video containing sensitive or confidential information gets downloaded into users’ personal devices, it may impose a huge security risk. So, it is necessary to manage the video downloading process appropriately and to ensure data privacy.

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