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AdminDroid Reporting Capabilities Highlights

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter provides rich reporting features for your Office 365 and Exchange online reports. It provides various options to customize the reports as per your requirements. Following are some of the main capabilities available in this free tool.

Schedule Office 365 Reports

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter allows you to schedule one or more reports to run automatically at configured time and delivered straight to your preferred mail-ids. Following options are available in the schedule configuration.
  • Schedule a report to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Scheduled reports can be emailed automatically to the specified recipients.
  • You can use your Office 365 email to send the reports on behalf of you.
  • Allows you to modify the subject and body of the scheduled mail.
  • Reports can be sent in the mail as an attachment, single zip file or as links.
  • Scheduled reports can be stored either on the local disk or remote share.
  • Scheduled reports can be saved as PDF, HTML, CSV or Excel (XLS/ XLSX).

Advanced Filtering Options

All the reports can be filtered as per your need by using the custom filter option available in AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter. You can apply the filter to any columns to limit the report results. The following features are available to ease up your filtering work.
  • Contextual Filters - The context specific filters allow you to slice and dice your Office 365 data conveniently. For example, If you want to apply the filter to the assigned licenses column, then the value field is automatically populated with the available licenses. So you can quickly select one or more licenses from the list and apply condition as per your need.
  • Save Filters - you can save a filter by providing a filter name along with an optional description. This option allows you to create organization-specific views to any report. For example, you can create a filter specific to office location, department, team, etc.
  • Copy Filters - You can easily copy the filter by modifying the current filter and save it as a new filter.

Reports Customization

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter allows you to customize the reports as per your requirements. Some of the available customization options are listed below.

  • Configure which column to show or hide in particular report.
  • Rearrange the column order as per your need.
  • Resize the column width based on the data size in the column.
  • Create a view with just the required results by creating a custom filter.
All of the above configurations will be automatically saved so that you don’t need to configure the same repeatedly.

Office 365 Report Export

AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter provides export functionality to all of the reports. Reports can be easily downloaded or exported to below major formats.

PDF - can be read using a PDF client such as Adobe.
CSV - simple text file with comma separated values.
HTML - can be downloaded as a web page and can be viewed in the browser such as IE, Edge or Chrome, etc.
XLS / XLSX - can be viewed using a spreadsheet application such as MS Excel or Office 365 Excel Online.