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One-Stop Solution for OneDrive Management

As OneDrive is a personal cloud storage space, users have more access to confidential files than admins. Admins can hold the fort of OneDrive storage, file/folder trends, and user activities and files effectively and effortlessly with AdminDroid.

What AdminDroid Offers...

For an admin, it is essential to keep track of OneDrive’s storage, inactive users, file and folder activities, daily user activities, anonymous link creations, user shares, etc., to maintain compliance and security. AdminDroid offers valuable insights on overall OneDrive user activity, file traffic, active/inactive users, how much storage is used, and free up space if it has reached its storage limit.

Microsoft Onedrive reporting and auditing

OneDrive Reporting

With AdminDroid, admins can gain complete information on Office 365 users’ OneDrive accounts. By keeping up-to-date with OneDrive storage and activity, they can prevent users’ accounts from getting frozen. Also, managing inactive OneDrive users, overall storage, and daily usage statistics was made easy with these reports.

  • OneDrive Inactive Users Get to know about the M365 OneDrive inactive users, thereby analyzing OneDrive file accesses. Admins can find the list of inactive OneDrive users based on when they accessed a file last. Using these insights, admins can revoke the license of inactive users if required.
  • OneDrive Usage Reports Manage the storage trends of personal cloud storage. Admins can check the OneDrive storage usage over time for each user in the organization. By doing so, Microsoft OneDrive data storage trends for the overall organization are obtained.
  • OneDrive Active Users and Files Check out the OneDrive active users and files in the organization. Admins should keep up-to-date with daily user summaries of active users, as OneDrive accounts will get frozen when it is left inactive for a long time. Further, admins are provided with details like daily active users count, and daily active files count.
Microsoft Onedrive Reporting

OneDrive Auditing

Track Anonymous Access Anonymous links Creation Anonymous links Removals Anonymous links Modification Anonymous Links Access
OneDrive File Traffic File Access History File Deletion File Uploads File Restoration File Downloads File Modification File Renaming File Copying File Moving
OneDrive Folder Activities Folder Permission Changes Folder Deletion Folder Restoration Folder Creation Folder Renaming Folder Moving Folder Copying
Manage OneDrive Shares Shared Files and Folders Shared via Company Links Company Links Creation Company Links Deletion Unshared Files and Folders
OneDrive Inactive Users Based on Last File Accessed Based on last Internal Share Based on last External Share Based on Last File Synced
Storage and Daily Summary Storage Trends Overall Storage Files Shared Externally Files Shared Internally Synced Files Activities on Files Active Users Active Files

Microsoft OneDrive Auditing

AdminDroid features advanced real-time insights to keep track of valuable resources in OneDrive for business. Admins can audit when, how, and who performed the file/ folder activities, OneDrive link creations and removals, and external sharing using insightful charts and graphs.

Onedrive Auditing
  • OneDrive File Activities Keep tabs on all OneDrive file accesses to prevent data leakage. With AdminDroid, admins can monitor and stay informed of all accesses made to OneDrive files and prevent users' confidential information from getting leaked. Admins can get the overall user activity related to files such as creation, deletion, modification, restoration, etc.
  • OneDrive Folder Activities Stay on top of all modified and deleted folders in OneDrive for the Business. Admins can audit and efficiently analyze the workload generated by OneDrive folders in the organization. Using these insights, monitoring OneDrive activities like bulk folder sharing, uploading, and deleting will help achieve effective OneDrive administration.
  • User Shares in OneDrive Track the OneDrive shares to restrict sensitive files from getting passed on externally. Identify all the user shared/unshared items in OneDrive for business environment. Through these stats, admins can monitor users sharing sensitive files with external users and the files which are left unshared.
  • OneDrive Anonymous Link Sharing Be aware of anonymous links created in the organization to avoid unauthorized access. Links with anyone access are sometimes the easiest way to collaborate files with people outside the company. Admins must pay attention to content that is shared externally since not all content in an organization can be shared unauthenticated.
  • OneDrive Company Links Sharing Examine the resources that are accessed via OneDrive company links to prevent insider threats. Track all the Office 365 company links created in OneDrive for Business. Further, admins can also obtain details on removed company links, accessed resources using company links, and all event history related to company links.

Get OneDrive Usage and Adoption across Business units

AdminDroid highlights the OneDrive file that got trended across the organization using its advanced analytics.

AdminDroid provides an executive summary of OneDrive usage and adoption across the organization. Usage and adoption include extensive data collections and offer an in-depth look at user activity in OneDrive classified by various attributes. Unlike a high-level glance, admins are provided with a scrutinized view of active users and their key activities along with charts, and graphs for each attribute (e.g., department, job title, city, etc.,) specifically.

Get OneDrive Usage and Adoption across Business units
OneDrive User Activity Dashboard

OneDrive User Activity Dashboard

With AdminDroid, admins can figure out OneDrive file traffic caused by the users individually.

AdminDroid presents the total activities that got performed in the OneDrive for a specified time interval. Generally, visual representations like charts and graphs will get created for whole organization activities, but admins can generate customized ones based on workload, performed activity, users, etc. You can also view the timeline view of user activities. Furthermore, AdminDroid features the organization's top ten OneDrive activities in addition to the overall activity curve trend.

OneDrive Alerting

For added security, create alerts for specific activities performed by users in OneDrive workload.

When users work together on a shared document in OneDrive, admins need to be aware of when someone modifies or links to the file anonymously. Further, admins can keep track of real-time OneDrive activities with AdminDroid's insightful reports.

Microsoft OneDrive Alerting

OneDrive Alerting

File Activities Accessed File Modified File Downloaded File Renamed File Copied File Moved File Deleted File Restored File All File Activities
Folder Activities created Folder Modified Folder Renamed Folder Moved Folder Copied Folder Deleted Folder Restored Folder All Folder Activities
Company Links Created Link Removed Link Access Using Link All Company Links
Anonymous Links Created Link Removed Link Updated Link Accessed Link All Events
User Shares Shared Items Unshared Items

Azure Active Directory

AdminDroid provides detailed reports on users, licenses, groups, MFA, passwords, admin details, user logins, group memberships, password changes, external users, and more in your organization.

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Exchange Online

Get detailed info on Office 365 mailboxes, mailbox settings, permissions, inactive mailboxes, mailbox audit, email forwarding, protocols, devices, ATP, mobile device configurations, DLP, inbox rules, mailbox permission changes, mailbox activities, etc.

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Gain every bit of details on email forwarding, spam mails, malwares, spoof mails, etc. Also, get in-depth stats on mail flow, email traffic, peak period, slack period, inactive users, and more in your organization.

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Microsoft Teams

Obtain overall metrics on Teams user activity, Standard channels, private channels, inactive Teams users, ownerships and memberships, file transfer, Teams device usage, Addons, and more.

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SharePoints Online

AdminDroid provides SharePoint Online reporting and auditing with detailed info on site collection, sites, site users and groups, lists, document libraries, file sharing and access, folders, pages, etc.

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Get detailed stats on inactive Yammer users, users’ activity like posts, comments, likes, post reads, etc. Also, obtain stats on Yammer groups, group activity, and device usage in the tenant.

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Power BI

Take control of Power BI activity monitoring to maintain full control over Power BI dashboards, BI datasets, BI dataflows, and BI activity reports, ensuring compliance.

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Microsoft Stream

Gain detailed insights into your Microsoft Stream data, including live events, videos, engagement levels, channels, groups, tenant, and user settings at ease.

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Microsoft 365 Alerting

Get to know how AdminDroid alerting enables you to stay ahead of all risky activities happening in the organization. 48+ prebuilt policies will make you track prominent activities on the go.

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Usage and Adoption

Analyze the usage of Microsoft 365 resources, Microsoft 365 apps, and inactive users deeply in your organization with appealing dashboards. Explore what you will monitor across various Office 365 services.

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