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Microsoft Power BI Analytics Auditing

Transform the way you handle your Power BI tasks and elevate your productivity to new heights with AdminDroid. Enjoy unparalleled control over your Power BI business analytics, from managing dashboards, datasets, and dataflows to BI app management activities.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI provides visually engaging insights through interactive reports and dashboards, making it an invaluable business tool for connecting and processing various data sources. At the same time, effective monitoring of Power BI activities is essential to comply with the organizationā€™s security and compliance.

To ensure the safety of organizationā€™s confidential data, admins need to monitor performed operations on Power BI items. Hereā€™s where AdminDroid comes in! Stay on top of overall Power BI audit logs, from general reports to dataflows, with AdminDroid's powerful monitoring capabilities.

Microsoft Power BI Analytics Auditing

Get to Know About Your Microsoft Power BI Infrastructure Better

Power BI Activity Audit Reports

Power BI Activity Audit Reports

Effortlessly track user activities in Power BI with AdminDroid!

AdminDroid's Power BI activity reporting tool provides a centralized platform for monitoring Power BI management, sharing, and viewing activities. Admins can also obtain insights about activities on dashboards, reports, apps, datasets, and dataflows. Also, get a list of Power BI Pro trial signed up users to examine Power BI adoption strategies.

Power BI Dashboard Activity Reports

Monitor Power BI dashboard usage metrics across all workspaces seamlessly.

Power BI Dashboards are absolutely crucial as they contain the most important elements for data visualization. AdminDroid enables admins to access comprehensive analysis of Power BI dashboard audit activities. It allows them to identify and investigate suspicious recurring actions such as BI dashboard deletions, exports, etc., with precision.

Power BI Dashboard Activity Reports
Power BI Dataset Auditing

Power BI Dataset Auditing

Examine metrics like how many datasets are created in the Power BI environment.

Stay up to date on important dataset audit events such as scheduled refreshes, creation, deletion, modification, etc. These comprehensive reports provide valuable information to optimize Power BI auditing and visualization workflows in the organization.

Power BI Dataflow Monitoring

Gain powerful insights on Power BI Dataflow audit activities at ease.

To fully leverage the benefits of Power BI dataflows, it's essential to monitor their usage and performance. Complete Power BI dataflow audit activities such as creations, modifications, and exportation are available in these reports. Further obtain metrics on Power BI scheduled refresh, and canceled refresh can also be obtained.

Power BI Dataflow Monitoring
Microsoft Power BI Audit Reports

Microsoft Power BI Audit Reports

Track Power BI report usage analytics, including report creations, deletions, and more.

With Microsoft Power BI reports, you can access a comprehensive and interactive view of datasets from multiple perspectives. As an admin, you can track all user activities related to Power BI reports, including creating, deleting, modifying, viewing, publishing, sharing, printing, exporting, and downloading. Thus, the admins can closely monitor sensitive data misusage in the organization without the need to view native audit logs.

Power BI Activity Reports Management activities Sharing activities Viewing activities Power BI Pro trial opt-ins

Activities on

  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Apps
  • Datasets
  • Dataflows
Dashboard Activity Reports Dashboard creations Dashboard deletions Dashboard modifications Dashboard exportations Dashboard views Dashboard sharing Printed dashboards Exported Power BI tile
Dataset Auditing Reports Dataset creations Dataset deletions Dataset modifications Refreshed datasets Scheduled dataset refresh settings
Dataflow Monitoring Reports Dataflow creations Dataflow modifications Dataflow views Exported dataflows Refresh requested dataflows Refresh request cancelled dataflows
Power BI Audit Reports Report creations Report deletions Report modifications Report publications Report exportations Report views Report downloads Printed reports

Microsoft Power BI Activity Alerting

Don't let suspicious activities go unnoticed. Stay ahead of the curve with Power BI alerting!

Microsoft Power BI Activity Alerting

Power BI is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses to analyze and visualize their data. However, it's important to stay vigilant when it comes to suspicious activities in Power BI reports. With AdminDroid, a Power BI auditing tool, you can create alerts for Power BI activities by clicking the alert icon readily from the respective reports. With the help of powerful Power BI activity monitoring, you can get notified of suspicious user activities in power BI, such as whenever data on a dashboard gets changed from the limits you set.

  • Stay on top of Power BI Pro Trial Users: Power BI Pro is powerful as well as costly, as this license allows users to share data, reports, and dashboards with a large number of users. Admins can stay informed whenever users opt for Power BI pro trial along with the activation time.
  • Get Alerts on Deleted Power BI Dashboards: By configuring this alert, admins can be notified whenever a Power BI dashboard gets deleted. Since restoring a deleted Power BI dashboard is not possible, maintain a keen eye on Power BI dashboard removals.
  • Track Suspicious Sharing of Power BI Reports: Similar to admins, a viewer or a contributor can also share reports from the Power BI workspace if reshare permissions are assigned. So, keep tabs on Power BI sharing report to avoid suspicious activities.
  • Monitor Suspicious Power BI Dataset Modifications: Keeping tabs on Power BI dataset modifications is a much-needed practice to maintain data accuracy and detect any suspicious dataset activities in the organization. By configuring this alert, admins will get informed whenever a dataset is edited.
  • Keep an eye on Scheduled Refresh Settings in Power BI: Scheduled refresh defines when the dataset should be refreshed. Configuring this alert will help admins stay informed of any changes made in dataflow refresh settings.

Enhance Data Visualization Graphically

With AdminDroid, admins can observe the Power BI usage across the organization by analyzing user activities on Power BI dashboards, reports, datasets, and dataflows. Custom graphs can also be created dynamically based on admin requirements. In addition to this, the admin can enhance columns with appropriate attributes to facilitate better data analysis.

Observations of Power BI Management Activities

With Power BI, admins can work together on the same data, collaborate on reports, and share insights to empower data-driven decisions. Admins can unlock a quick understanding of Microsoft Power BI's overall activities, including the number of users who opted for the BI Pro trial at a glance.

Track Top Yammer Users Based on their Activities
Stay informed of Yammer Inactive Users

Trending Power BI Dashboard Activities

Power BI's unique features - to build dashboards using a simple user interface and drag-and-drop options ease users' work but also encourage misusage. With AdminDroidā€™s interactive dashboard, admins can analyze Power BI dashboard activities in one place, elevating the visualization.

Recently Performed Power BI Dataset Events

Datasets are nothing but a collection of data that you import or connect using Power BI. With AdminDroid graphical representation, admins can effortlessly audit dataset creations, deletions, deletions, refresh settings, etc., efficiently.

Yammer Device Usage
Stay informed of Yammer Inactive Users

Track the recent Power BI Dataflow Events

Dataflows are data transformation services that run on the cloud which is independent of the Power BI dataset or solution. Admins can graphically view the spikes and drops in dataflow activity, such as creations, modifications, exportations, etc.

Power BI Usage and Adoption

We already know that the Power BI pro pack is really expensive for small-scale industries. So, when a company involves investing in Power BI, they really want to track its usage & adoption rates to ensure that they are getting the expected return on investment. In such a case, you can use AdminDroid to track usage & adoption metrics for Power BI at ease.

  • Unlike a high-level glance, admins are provided with a scrutinized view of active users and their key activities along with charts and graphs for each attribute, such as department, job title, city, state, country, and company name specifically.
  • Admins can identify users from which departments or job titles are using Power BI the most, and which Power BI activity is highly performed.
  • By analyzing Power BI usage metrics, admins can also provide additional training to departments that are not using it as much and to users who create unwanted reports and dashboards.
Power BI Usage and Adoption

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