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OneDrive Reporting

Microsoft will freeze the OneDrive accounts if they have not been accessed for at least a year or if the storage limit has been exceeded for more than three months. Eventually, the respective OneDrive account will be deleted if it becomes inactive for a long time. Thus, managing OneDrive quota limits, permission levels, and storage is always a concern for admins. AdminDroid reporting feature provides valuable insights on OneDrive storage trends, inactive users, daily stats of active users, and files that make OneDrive management easy.

Microsoft OneDrive Reporting

OneDrive Inactive Users

Microsoft OneDrive Inactive Users

If users become inactive in OneDrive for a long time, Microsoft will deactivate their accounts after an official email announcement. It can be avoided by monitoring OneDrive inactive users, which can be quite challenging.

With AdminDroid, admins can prevent OneDrive accounts from being frozen by keeping track of inactive users periodically.

This report package includes the list of inactive OneDrive users based on the last file access time in the work environment. Additionally, the inactive users' reports are provided based on internal and external file sharing and their latest file sync activities.

By Last File Accessed

This report lists the inactive users by last file access activity that helps admins manage the OneDrive file usage of users across the organization. Admins can find out when the file was last active, as well as how many days the users were active and inactive during specific time intervals.

By Last Internal Share

A list of inactive users sorted by internal sharing is available in this report. Using this report, admins can observe the user's collaboration with colleagues in the Office 365 environment. Further, metrics such as usernames and last active/inactive days in the specific time interval are obtained.

By External Share

In this report, inactive users are listed by the last external file-sharing activity they performed in the Office 365 environment. Also, details like the last active days, and how many days users were active and inactive in the last 180 days or custom range are acquired.  By analyzing the report, admins can change the external file/folder sharing permission levels if they find anything suspicious.

By Last File Synced

With the help of this report, admins can find a list of inactive users based on their last file sync activity. This report allows admins to disable OneDrive file syncing for inactive users. Additionally, stats on both active days and inactive days in the last 90 days or custom range are obtained.

OneDrive Storage Trends

Once the storage gets full, your files will be read-only, and after 30 days, the respective account will freeze. Since OneDrive for Business reporting relies heavily on storage space, admins need to monitor how much space each of these files and folders occupies.

AdminDroid's reporting tool eliminates concerns regarding OneDrive storage management.

Track OneDrive storage over time for each user in your Office 365 environment. Managing the overall storage used so far in OneDrive for business is also made easy.

Microsoft OneDrive Storage Trends

Storage Over Time

This report lists the OneDrive’s storage used by a user over time. Admins can find the amount of storage used and whether the usage is increasing or decreasing using this report. Also, admins can obtain the details of storage used in percentage, storage used, default OneDrive storage, active files, total files, etc.

Overall Storage

Admins can find the overall OneDrive storage in this report. It helps admins in determining overall storage getting used daily by the users in the organization. From this report, admins can find the details of overall storage used on a daily basis.

OneDrive’s Active Users and Files

Microsoft OneDrive’s active users and files

The daily summary report gives admins information about daily user activities, active users, and the files that are accessed actively.

AdminDroid gives you control over daily OneDrive activities and keeps you informed of any sudden spikes in events.

Manage and secure sensitive user information by keeping tabs on active users' daily summaries. Furthermore, admins can view the number of active OneDrive files with the file activities graph.

Daily User Activities on OneDrive

A list of OneDrive user activities that happened in the organization are available in this report. This report includes the details of synced files count, number of viewed/edited files, number of files which got shared internally/externally, etc. Also, admins can monitor and disable external sharing on a user’s OneDrive if they find any data breaches.

OneDrive File Activities Count

This report includes the daily activities performed on overall OneDrive files in the organization. Admins can check the recent activity count made and file traffic caused by OneDrive files using this report. Also, they can find info about how many files got viewed or edited, synced, and internal/external files shared.

User Activities Count on OneDrive Files

Overall user activities on OneDrive files with details such as how many users viewed, edited, synced, and shared internally/externally are listed in this report. By viewing this report, admins can get to know the exact day when there is a spike in OneDrive user activities.

OneDrive Active Users

In this report, a list of active Microsoft OneDrive users out of total users is available. With the help of these stats, admins can manage the OneDrive active users without the help of complex PS cmdlets, and M365 usage reports. Also, detailed stats on total users, active users, and active user percentages are obtained.

OneDrive Active Files

A summary of the active files out of the total OneDrive files count can be found in this report. Admins can view active files, total files, and active file percentages in this report. Through this report, admins can obtain active OneDrive usage file count without using the ‘getOneDriveActivityFileCounts’ request.

Manage OneDrive Usage and Adoption

Usage and adoption can be crucial in three different ways:

By analyzing usage and adoption, admins can learn how users adopt Microsoft OneDrive and how their overall usage changes during specific time intervals. In addition, the default views of OneDrive activities done by all users, licensed users, admins, and external users are provided. Furthermore, admins can add customized views according to their needs.

Manage OneDrive Usage and Adoption

Explore File Trends

OneDrive file, which is currently trending across the organization, can be obtained through usage and adoption insights. Admins can further drill down the metrics to obtain detailed information on each user activity.

Reduce License Cost

Admins can get detailed info about total licensed users and how many users are actively using license from this report. So, if the users are not actively performing any OneDrive activities, it indicates the need for license removals. Admins should consider purchasing essential license packs for their organization if they frequently find users inactive, thereby reducing license costs.

Measure OneDrive Adoption

If there are many inactive users, these metrics will help admins investigate and train users to access the resources available. And that’s how the adoption rate gets balanced in the organization.

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