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Ever wondered how AdminDroid always delivers reports tailored to meet your unique needs?

Advanced Alerting

Stay ahead of potential threats with proactive alerting

Stay ahead of potential threats with proactive alerting

Initiate alert protocols directly from reports

Analyzing a report and suspecting that an event needs to be tracked? Prompt the alerting agent directly from the report; No switching between pages.

Alerting agent does the monitoring for you

Need not constantly check your reports for changes - The tool will alert you when there's something you need to see.

We report the alerts too

Understand the alert trends with our reports about the triggered alerts. Unusual activity patterns or unexpected changes in configurations – Find out everything!

AI-Powered Graphs

The AI way of visualizing data!

The AI way of visualizing data!

Easy to understand and digest

Traditional stats and counts are now interactive geo-location maps, dynamic heatmaps, customizable donuts, informative bars, and detailed pie charts.

Let your data tell its own story

Taking interactivity seriously, we present charts that are live. Filter the report however you like, and see the charts re-rendered based on filtered results.

We don’t bore you with static charts

Each bar in a chart means a lot. You can drill down every chart to find out the granular insights beneath them.

We respect the artist in you

As we won’t stop with customizable charts, we give you all the tools to create your own charts. Leave no data unvisualized.

Merging Columns From Multiple Reports

Deep insights with connected reports

Deep insights with connected reports

Mix and match columns to perfection

Don't settle for incomplete reports. Bring in columns from other reports to create a fully personalized view of your data.

Details behind any count is a click away

Don’t wonder how we computed the stats. Just click the counts to find out what we mean.

Advanced Report Scheduling

Make sure everyone has the data they need, when they need it

Make sure everyone has the data they need, when they need it

Schedule once and forget

Tired of preparing weekly reports? Instruct the scheduler once, see every report sent on time! No errors; no forgetfulness;

Get a glimpse of what's coming

A sneak peek of report in email: Skip the hassle of downloading attachments, just skim the email for data-driven decisions!

No switching between pages

Got a perfect view of a report with all your customizations? Straightway schedule the customized view directly from the report.

Our scheduler is as intelligent as you imagine

Let our scheduler know if the data is being reviewed monthly, and the scheduler will email only the last month’s data.

Sharing and Exporting

Reports are better when shared

Reports are better when shared

Personalizing doesn't stop at customization

Export customized reports in various formats or share them via email. Use them in the way you want.

Allow executives to quickly turn data into action

Not just email them the reports, also include a curated preview in the email. We are sure they’ll be impressed.

Insights you need in the format you want

PDF, CSV, HTML, XLS, XLSX and even computer-friendly RAW format to integrate with other tools.

Curated Report Packages

Don’t be lost in searching internet for PS scripts

Don’t be lost in searching internet for PS scripts

1600+ reports, which of those are yours?

Clear about your requirement? No problem then. Our Intelligent Search gives you the required reports from just a few keywords.

No complex requirement resolves with one metric

Our bundles of reports for each requirement are the easiest way to approach complex requirements that demands tracking multiple trends and metrics.

Rich Filters to Drill Down

Slice and dice reports with infinite filters

We work to find out what you need

Every report is equipped with curated ‘Easy Filters’ that are frequently used in this report worldwide.

Experience context-aware filters

No typing needed to apply filters; Simply select from all the appropriate options that our filters compiled for you.

Use the results to filter the report

Don’t hesitate to zoom in on a record! One click on our ‘Quick Filters’, and you can swiftly narrow down report based on a particular data you noticed in the report.

Infinite Personalization Features

Add your personal touch to the reports

Add your personal touch to the reports

Custom reports on top of pre-built reports

We know building reports from scratch is an uphill battle. Instead, have our analytically sound reports, customize them, and make them all yours.

Save reports curated by you

Customize once, use forever. All the customizations you make can be saved as your ‘View’ and even made available for other executives to use.

Have complete control over your reports

We give you the ability to add or remove columns from any report, rearrange them, resize them, and even sort the data based on multiple columns.

1900+ reports! And still there is room for more stats.

Make reports your own with our Vast Reporting Capabilities

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