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Microsoft 365 Mail Protection & Email Security Reports

AdminDroid Microsoft 365 email security reporting tool provides a plethora of reports on spam emails, malware, phishing, and spoofing emails being sent and received in your organization. Additionally, it provides email threat protection reports and mail flow rule detection reports to keep you updated on email communication happening in and around your organization. Thus, AdminDroid will level up your email management and maintain security.

Exchange Online Reporting

Microsoft 365 Spam Reporting

Microsoft 365 Spam Reporting

Even if you have spam filtering configurations to prevent junk emails, getting end-to-end details on every junk email received is a nightmare.

Keep abreast of incoming & outgoing spam mails, spam detections, internal spam mails, etc., in your M365 environment and get notified instantly.

Office 365 spam reports in AdminDroid give extensive details and analytics, such as incoming & outgoing external spam emails, spam detection info, and much more. Monitoring these details helps you to identify and report suspicious spam emails in your organization. You can slice and dice the report data based on sender address, recipients, date, etc., to achieve your email monitoring requirements.

Microsoft 365 Malware Reporting

Get in-depth details on every aspect of malware emails and protect against infected files, email attachments, links, or other types of malicious content affecting your organization.

Strengthen your malware protection one step ahead by monitoring incoming & outgoing malware emails, internal malware emails, malware campaigns, file-based malware detections, and more.

Microsoft 365 malware protection reporting with AdminDroid lets you analyze cutting-edge insights and details on incoming & outgoing external malware emails, malware detection stats, URL-based malware, etc. Prevent sensitive data loss in your organization and elevate your security against malware attacks.

Microsoft 365 Malware Reporting

Microsoft 365 Phishing Reporting

Usage of M36 mailboxes and their apps

Garner every aspect of phishing emails entering your organization and safeguard your organizations crucial data.

Retain your domain reputation robustly by monitoring internal phish emails, inbound & outbound phish mails, various phish detections, etc.

Unlock the complete potential of AdminDroidā€™s Microsoft 365 phishing reports and protect your sensitive data from intruders. Gain in-depth details on incoming & outgoing phish emails, spoof-based detections, reputation-based detections, file-based detections, and more.

Microsoft 365 Spoofing Reporting

Gather every bit of detail about spoof emails to and fro your organization to avoid data loss and unwanted access to resources.

Analyze internal & external spoof emails and spoof detection insights to prevent sensitive data exposure to attackers.

Make use of the AdminDroid email spoof reports, including internal spoof emails, external spoof emails, good mail detections, etc., to safeguard crucial resources from the wrong hands.

Microsoft 365 Spoofing Reporting

Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection Reporting

Microsoft 365 Advanced Threat Protection Reporting

Securing your organization from harmful threats is essential for preventing your data from being exposed to attackers.

Identify the configuration changes on anti-spam, anti-malware, safe links, safe attachments, ATP, etc., and stay on top of safeguarding your sensitive data.

Utilizing the Exchange Online ATP reports in AdminDroid lends a hand in preventing malicious links, junk emails, suspicious malware, and dangerous phishing attacks from entering the tenant.

Microsoft 365 Mail Flow Monitoring

Reviewing an organizationā€™s mail flow details periodically helps admins to ensure that the inbound and outbound email flow rules are properly configured.

Prevent suspicious mail flow rules by identifying the changes made on mail flow configs, connector configs, accepted domains, and more.

Monitoring the Exchange Online mail flow reports helps admins to protect against suspicious email communications. Get in-depth details on mail flow configs, transport rule changes, DKIM config changes, hybrid config changes, federation configs, etc.

Microsoft 365 Mail Flow Monitoring
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