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Azure Active Directory Reporting

AdminDroid Microsoft 365 reporting tool provides bountiful reports on all the user-related info which admins can monitor and control within the Azure AD portal. This Azure AD reporting tool gives fruitful reports on Microsoft 365 user activities, user MFA, user passwords, external users activities, Microsoft 365 licenses & subscriptions, and groups. Also, separately getting the admin-related reports is a whip hand of this tool. Undeniably, AdminDroid will enrich your Microsoft 365 reporting on all the categories mentioned above.

Azure Active Directory Reporting

You Have Access to All Azure AD Reports in Free Edition!

  • User Reporting & Auditing
  • All User Login Activities
  • License & Subscription Usage
  • Concise Breakdown of All Group Members' Info
  • User MFA & Password ChangesĀ 
  • Office 365 Groups Reporting & AuditingĀ 
  • License Expiration & ChangesĀ 
  • 75+Auditing Reports
  • 45+Statistical Reports
  • 10+Insightful Dashboards

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Microsoft 365 User Reports

Office 365 User Reports

Though your Azure Active Directory has a massive number of user objects, get a complete overview of user objects in your Microsoft 365 environment. Detailed reports on user objects are just one click away.

AdminDroid lets you manage your Microsoft 365 users, administrators, guest/external users efficiently.

This report package includes all the necessary reports and analytics right from user creation to deletion. Getting the reports on any aspects of your Microsoft 365 users has never been easier as this much. To make more informed decision you can easily slice and dice the report data by the department, job title, etc.

Microsoft 365 User MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) Reports

Though adding an additional level of security for sign-in using MFA is as simple as toggling a switch, but monitoring the MFA deployment and MFA activation status is not easy to achieve.

AdminDroid facilitates your MFA deployment by providing metrics such as pending activation, authentication methods used, users without MFA, etc.

Observing entire statistics from enabling MFA to MFA activation methods is a boon to control your users' security. Transfigure the reports by authentication methods, MFA status, etc., to achieve precise information of every single detail on MFA.

Office 365 User Multi Factor Authentication Reports

Microsoft 365 User Password Reports

Office 365 User Password Reports

While using password expiry policy in the organization, your help desk may bombard with many password-related queries. As Office 365 lags in sending password expiry email notification, it adds more burden to your helpdesk technicians.

AdminDroid lends a hand to streamline your organizations' password policy and to keep an eye on allowed weak passwords, soon to expire passwords, never changed passwords, password last changed time, etc.

Reduce your helpdesk calls by observing each and every password details right from password strength to password expiration frequency and more. Personalize the reports by password policy, admin roles, etc., to get a clear vision of all data thoroughly.

Microsoft 365 License Reports

Obtain the complete visibility of your Azure AD licenses and subscriptions to ensure that you pay only for the services you use and to discover the right plans for the users. But getting such statistics could be challenging within your Azure AD portal.

AdminDroid improves your Azure AD license management by delivering detailed reports on Microsoft 365 licensed and unlicensed users, purchased subscriptions, license assignment date, etc.

Get a clear-cut impression on redundant license assignments, license cost reduction and license regaining with the reports and analytics in this report collection. Customize your reports by license and subscription names and more to gain better visibility of Microsoft 365 licenses and subscription data.

Office 365 License Reports

Microsoft 365 Group Reports

Office 365 Group Reports

Although creating groups and managing its memberships might be easy using Azure AD, it is impracticable to administer the Office 365 group statistics such as finding groups with external users, group ownership, group size, etc.

AdminDroid elevates your group management with detailed statistics on group size, group types, group memberships, group licensing, etc.

Gather detailed insights on group memberships, ownerships, groups with external/guest users using this report bundle. Custom-make the reports by group names, group types, and more, to get a better experience in M365 group management.

Microsoft 365 External Users Reports

Enhance your Microsoft 365 external user management with AdminDroid by getting insights right from user addition to removal which is unachievable within the Azure AD portal.

AdminDroid revamps your external/guest users management by providing exact reports on external usersā€™ MFA, licensing, last logon, etc.

Collect detailed info on Microsoft 365 groups containing external users, guest user authentication, etc., from this report collection. Personalize the reports on your wish to achieve the exact info which you need.

Office 365 External Users Reports

Microsoft 365 Admin Reports

Office 365 Admin Reports

Undoubtedly Microsoft 365 admin reports bundle is a trump card for all the admins in which they can obtain all the admin related info separately.

AdminDroid lends a hand for admins by providing Microsoft 365 admin last login, licensing, admin roles, adminsā€™ MFA, etc.

Extracting adminsā€™ info solely from the reports is a challenging task. Get all the detailed admin data of the Microsoft 365 environment and customize the reports based on your requirements.

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