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Azure Active Directory Auditing

AdminDroid Microsoft 365 auditing tool come up with immense reports on all the Microsoft 365 audit activities in the audit log search. Providing in-depth details on user sign-in activities is a head start for admins to analyze the users' sign-in data. With this Azure AD auditing tool, admins can monitor user logins, user activities, group activities, application activities, etc. Jazz up your Microsoft 365 Azure auditing without playing hard with PowerShell cmdlet like 'Search-UnifiedAuditLog'.

Azure Active Directory Auditing

You Have Access to All Azure AD Reports in Free Edition!

  • User Reporting & Auditing
  • All User Login Activities
  • License & Subscription Usage
  • Concise Breakdown of All Group Members' Info
  • User MFA & Password Changes¬†
  • Office 365 Groups Reporting & Auditing¬†
  • License Expiration & Changes¬†
  • 75+Auditing Reports
  • 45+Statistical Reports
  • 10+Insightful Dashboards

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Microsoft 365 User Logins Auditing

Office 365 user logins auditing

Though admins can monitor user login activities using audit log search, getting all the login events collectively is not possible with Microsoft 365.

AdminDroid boosts up your user login auditing by providing details like failed user logins, Microsoft 365 users’ last logon time, risky login attempts, etc.

Improve your organization's security by monitoring each login detail right from user login history to risky login attempts and much more. Get precise details by filtering out the reports with username, department, sign-in location, IP address, etc.

Microsoft 365 User Auditing

Getting activities performed by the users might be easy within your Microsoft 365 admin center. But monitoring specific activities or specific users’ activities is always a trouble for admins.

AdminDroid uplifts your user auditing by offering in-depth details on user audit activities such as user license changes, password changes, user deletions, and more.

Keep an eye on the password change activities, license changes, admin role changes, etc., to enhance the user auditing. Slice and dice the reports with the required properties to get the exact information in your organization.

Office 365 user auditing

Microsoft 365 Group Auditing

Office 365 groups auditing

Creating and deleting Microsoft 365 groups and changing the group licenses can be done with your eyes closed in the admin center. But auditing the specific group activities in one place is always a turmoil for Microsoft 365 admins.

AdminDroid paves the way for the M365 group auditing by delivering detailed insights on group creations, group deletions, ownership and membership changes, etc.

Auditing complete info right from group creations to ownership changes is a perk to maintain the Microsoft 365 groups in the organization. Moreover, the ability to sort out the activities based on the group properties is a feather in the cap for admins.

Microsoft 365 Admin Role Change Auditing

Verify the administrator role change activities in your organization to ensure that the admin roles are granted based only on the work requirements. Bagging such information is double trouble using the audit log search. 

AdminDroid partakes in maintaining the least privilege in your organization by bringing the precise details about admin access assignments, role scope changes, role updations, and more.

Make a fortress-like environment by tracking admin role assignments, role scope changes, admin role removals, and more. Pick out the accurate data based on username, department, admin roles, etc., to get the required details.

Office 365 admin role changes auditing

Microsoft 365 Application Auditing

Office 365 application auditing

Detect and remediate illicit consent grants by reviewing all the Microsoft 365 application registrations and the changes made. Getting cumulative details is not feasible within the Azure AD portal.

AdminDroid enriches your Azure application auditing by providing detailed insights on application additions, consents granted to azure apps, credential changes, app deletions, etc.

Get crystal clear records on extraneous application additions, unnecessary changes, app consents, and delegation changes in this report bundle. Personalize the reports based on your requirements to gain more visibility.

Microsoft 365 Setting Change Auditing

Obtain explicit information about your M365 directory activities, policies, administrative units, and Microsoft 365 devices to ensure that the configurations are made only by the authorized users.

AdminDroid lends a hand to figure out the configuration changes, allowed devices, policy details, etc., with precise details.

Collect detailed visions on domain changes, policy assignments, AU updations, device owner changes, and many more to avoid unwanted setting modifications happening in the organization. Customize the reports based on device names, domains, policy names, etc., to gain better insights.

Overall azure AD auditing

Microsoft 365 Sign-in Analytics

Analytics

Get all-inclusive analytics on Microsoft 365 user sign-ins to discover risky sign-ins, risk resolved sign-ins and many more to secure your organization. Acquiring such detailed info using audit log search is beyond the bounce of possibility. 

AdminDroid embellishes your security management by delivering detailed insights on azure sign-in logs like risky user sign-ins, risky users, resolved user risks, etc.

Tail off your organization's risks and attacks by tracking each specific user's sign-in details from high risky sign-ins to risk resolved sign-ins, risk identifications, and more. Restyle the report columns based on the required properties for better auditing.

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