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Monitor External Users to Protect Your Microsoft 365 Data

External users can introduce security risks by sharing sensitive data or being involved in a data breach. So, monitoring Microsoft 365 external users is crucial in order to maintain a secure environment. AdminDroid offers external user reports designed to help you track and secure your Microsoft 365 resources. These reports include:

  • Monitoring external users' activities.
  • Tracking external users' permissions on your Office 365 resources.
  • Receiving timely alerts on suspicious external user activities allows you to take immediate action to safeguard your data.
External Users Reporting

Safeguard Your Microsoft 365 Environment with AdminDroid External User Reports

Enhance your security posture by gaining valuable insights into external user activities. Identify potential security threats, prevent external data breaches, and strengthen your organization's overall security by actively monitoring external user actions.

Manage Microsoft 365 External Users Efficiently

  • Gain valuable insights into external users accessing your organization’s resources.
  • Track external user permissions on SharePoint sites, Teams, and Exchange mailboxes.
  • Get detailed external user reports based on guest types such as external users, internal guests, Teams guest users, and SharePoint guest users.
  • Identify inactive external users to revoke access to sensitive data and clean up directories.
  • Monitor external user actions like creation, deletion, adding to groups, and deleting from groups.
Manage Microsoft 365 External Users Efficiently
Identify External Users’ Group Membership Details

Identify External Users’ Group Membership Details

  • Get an overview of external users’ group membership details and their changes.
  • Identify teams, channels, shared channels, and private channels with external users to manage their resource access effectively.
  • Keep track of SharePoint sites configured to share with external users. Sites containing sensitive info should not be shared with external users.
  • Monitor site invitations shared with and accessed by external users, allowing you to maintain control over external user access to critical sites.

Audit External User Sign-ins

  • Tracking external user sign-in activities is important for quickly identifying unauthorized access attempts or potential security breaches.
  • Identify the first sign-in of a new external user to the organization.
  • Investigate external users’ login location and frequency of access to identify any unusual sign-in activity.
  • Detect atypical external user sign-in behavior, including the initial sign-in of a new external user, logins from foreign countries, and persistent failed login attempts.
  • Audit external users’ sign-ins that have failed in MFA and block their sign-ins if required.
Audit External User Sign-ins
Monitor External User Activities

Monitor External User Activities

  • Keep an eye on external user activities to take appropriate actions and mitigate security risks.
  • Efficiently track SharePoint Online and OneDrive resources shared with and by external users through the external sharing report.
  • By monitoring Microsoft 365 resources accessed by external users, admins can ensure that external users have the appropriate access and permissions.
  • Track file deletions by external users to identify unauthorized access or excessive permission grants.

Stay Informed with Email Alerts for Critical External User Activities

  • Receive instant email notifications of suspicious activities including,
    - Unauthorized login attempts - Unusual external file sharing - Abnormal external users’ file accesses - Unusual number of site invitations shared with external users
  • It helps admins to quickly respond to critical activities or potential security breaches
Stay Informed with Email Alerts for Critical External User Activities
Efficiently Manage External Users with Pre-built Report Bundle

Efficiently Manage External Users with Pre-built Report Bundle

  • Using the ‘external users report collection’, admins can efficiently monitor external users and their activities.
  • With over 30 external user reports readily available in one place, you can quickly download or schedule the reports you need for effective external user management.


Receive email alert notifications for critical external user activities and prevent sensitive data compromise.

Schedule external users’ file sharing and access reports to monitor regularly and in a timely manner.

Visualize external users’ data using AI charts to quickly identify trends & patterns and make data-driven decisions.

The external users report collection enables admins to effectively oversee external users and their actions.

Delegated access to external user reports ensures that none of the external users' suspicious activities go unnoticed and can be handled promptly.

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