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Microsoft 365 GDPR Compliance Management

Utilize AdminDroid and safeguard EU citizens' personal information efficiently. Explore the wide range of reports
curated carefully to make you compliant with GDPR always on time.

GDPR Compliance
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Microsoft 365 GDPR Compliance Management Using AdminDroid

The General Data Protection Regulation aims to protect and ensure the privacy of personal data of European Union citizens, in part by giving them control of it. Companies dealing with such data are required to implement policies, procedures, and controls in line with the regulation.

AdminDroid, with its trove of reports and features, can complement your GDPR Compliance journey as your Microsoft 365 Reporter.

Our tool enables you to have enhanced visibility into your Microsoft 365 Environment across all services. When it comes to Microsoft 365, you can count on AdminDroid to deliver the goods for your GDPR Audit.

Office 365 GDPR Compliance Management using AdminDroid

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation was introduced by the European Parliament with the primary aims of

  • Protecting ‘personal data’ of EU citizens and
  • Establishing the right to privacy of the same

It also decluttered the confusing regulatory environment of the EU and established a uniform law. GDPR was adopted by the EU in 2016 and, after allowing a transition period of two years for businesses, was formally enforced on 25 May 2018.

GDPR requires all businesses, transacting with EU citizens, to establish policies and procedures in compliance with its requirements on data protection and privacy. Audits must be conducted, at an appropriate frequency, to prove compliance with GDPR.


Does your Microsoft 365 Environment need to be GDPR Compliant?

Any Information system that stores and processes data identified as ‘personal’ by GDPR needs to be compliant. If you use Microsoft 365, then your cloud environment naturally needs to be compliant with GDPR. With Microsoft 365, you would need to focus your attention and effort on the services where you’d find ‘personal data’, which evidently are Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. These services need to be assessed, configured, and audited under the guidance of policies and procedures set up in line with GDPR Standards.

Does your Office 365 Environment need to be GDPR Compliant?

Managing Microsoft 365 Compliance with Native Tools

Microsoft 365, for all its usefulness, falls short when it comes to the following issues:

Limited and Easily Generatable Reports for GDPR Compliance

As a result of the GDPR regulation, companies deemed to be 'processors' must create audit trails for all activities around files containing 'personal data'. With Microsoft 365, you’d have to generate reports on SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, and Microsoft Teams either through PowerShell or the native reports.

Limited Retention Period of Audit Log Data

GDPR requires the data-processor to hold onto audit log data as long as necessary to identify and support incident mitigation. The 90-day limit imposed by Microsoft proves to be inadequate here.

How AdminDroid can help you with your GDPR Audit?

AdminDroid offers customizable reports for GDPR on all Microsoft 365 Services without any data retention restrictions.

With our trove of reports, you can breathe easy about generating the right ones on time for your GDPR Audit. Our reports are customizable, meaning that you can drill down the report for specific data. They are easy to manage and can be scheduled in the format you desire. We have a dedicated search tool, so you don’t have to waste time searching for a specific report.

Though GDPR doesn’t require the audit data to be retained, 7 years of audit record retention is needed for investigation purposes. With AdminDroid, you can retain your audit data for as long as you want.

To make it easy, we have mapped our Compliance reports with the GDPR control requirements provided by the Official documentation.

How can AdminDroid’s Report Collections help you in maintaining GDPR Controls?

The GDPR Official document outlines the necessary controls needed to be implemented by the Data-Processor. To make your job easier, we have mapped AdminDroid’s Report Collections to the mandates in the following document.


How can you ensure GDPR readiness using AdminDroid?

Monitor Users’ risky login attempts to secure the user accounts.

Review Guest access to various services to prevent unauthorized usage.

Monitor access rights to user files and mailboxes to secure user data.

Track Configuration changes in mail flow, inbox rules, etc.

Verify downloaded files to ensure secure data storage.

With AdminDroid, you can...

Audit the account activity in your organization

Maintain an audit trail of DLP Policy matches and configuration changes

  • DLP Policies allow you to automatically identify sensitive data and take appropriate action on files and folders across your Office 365 environment.
  • With AdminDroid, you can maintain a trail of all policy matches and configuration changes indefinitely.
Keep a tab on login activity

Monitor any suspicious sharing of files across all Microsoft 365 services

  • While having a record of all user shares of files and folders is highly useful during post-breach investigation, monitoring all user shares is a healthy habit for organizations.
  • AdminDroid allows you to monitor file sharing across all Microsoft 365 Components.
Monitor and audit the changes to
                                         your files

Audit file activity across SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

  • Files containing ‘personal data’ is an important area of concern in GDPR. AdminDroid allows you to know ‘Who’ accessed, modified, created, and deleted ‘What’ file, ‘When’, and ‘How’.
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