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Microsoft 365 HIPAA Compliance Management

Be on top of fulfilling the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requirements with AdminDroid. Generate the right
reports and get alerts on suspicious events to meet HIPAA compliance effectively.

HIPAA Compliance
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HIPAA Compliance Management Using AdminDroid

HIPAA requires all health-care providers and health insurance agencies to ensure the security of the patient's health care information that they store and process. It means that health care organizations need to implement security standards for their information systems, both on-premises, and cloud, and need to prove the same during audits.

When it comes to Microsoft 365, AdminDroid can help you in proving compliance with HIPAA. Our tool offers detailed, easy-to-understand reports that provide enhanced visibility into your Microsoft 365 Environment. AdminDroid can double up as your HIPAA Reporting tool for Microsoft 365.

HIPAA Compliance Management using AdminDroid

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, passed in the year 1996, aims to protect personally identifiable health information handled by Healthcare providers and Health Insurance companies.

According to the Act, all ‘Covered Entities’ must comply with national information security and privacy standards. Breach notification and Business Associate Liabilities were added to the list of mandates with the passage of the HITECH act in 2009. HIPAA violations can carry serious penalties and cause loss of reputation.


Does your Office 365 Environment need to be HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA requires all the systems used by a covered entity to manage ePHI to be compliant to the standard. While Microsoft manages the bulk of the responsibility of HIPAA compliance by regularly introducing new security updates and features, a share of it falls on the customer too.

Does your Office 365 Environment need to be HIPAA Compliant?

Managing Microsoft 365 Compliance with Native Tools

Microsoft 365 has been endowed with some highly useful tools when it comes to proving compliance with HIPAA. But when it comes to the following issues, Microsoft lets us down.

Limited Retention Period of Audit Data

HIPAA requires a covered entity to hold onto Audit data for no less than 6 years in an ePHI Environment. Microsoft 365, unfortunately, limits audit data retention to 90 days. An extension of this limit requires the purchase of expensive Microsoft 365 Licenses.

No Easy Way to Navigate through Audit Data

Microsoft 365 lacks an efficient search tool that allows one to query and pull up audit events. This inevitably complicates the whole process of HIPAA compliance management and HIPAA Audits.

No Compliance Reports Mapped to the HIPAA Administrative Document

Office 365 lacks a collection of reports mapped to the HIPAA Regulatory Standards. This complicates the process of pulling up the required report during an audit.

How AdminDroid can help you with your HIPAA Audit?

AdminDroid offers customizable reports for HIPAA on all Microsoft 365 services without any data retention restrictions.

With our trove of reports, you can breathe easy about generating the right ones on time for your HIPAA Audit. Our reports are customizable, meaning that you can drill down the report for specific data. They are easy to manage and can be scheduled in the format you desire. We have a dedicated search tool, so you don’t have to waste time searching for a specific report.

HIPAA demands that audit records must be retained for a minimum of 6 years. Set your worries aside because, with AdminDroid, you can retain your audit data for as long as you want.

To simplify your job, we have mapped our Compliance reports with HIPAA security and privacy controls, the key to achieve HIPAA Compliance.

How can AdminDroid help you in implementing HIPAA Compliance Requirements?

If you use Microsoft 365, then you must ensure that your Cloud Environment is aligned with HIPAA oriented security and privacy controls. This applies to your Business Associates as well, with whom you must have signed a Business Associate Agreement.

We have compiled here the ways in which you can use AdminDroid to establish and maintain HIPAA aligned security controls in your Microsoft 365 Environment.

HIPAA-compliance checklist pdf

How can you ensure HIPAA readiness using AdminDroid?

Verify User identity and monitor User sign-in activities.

Monitor User roles and access rights in various resources.

Spot risky user activities and take necessary actions.

Review audit records periodically and detect any suspicious activity.

Visualize Secure Score insights and improve your organization's security.

Monitor file modifications and sharings to avoid data loss.

How can you use AdminDroid for your HIPAA Audit?

Monitor who has permissions and access to critical e-PHI Data

Monitor who has permissions and access to critical e-PHI Data

  • HIPAA audits require you to prove that you consistently monitor and review employee access-rights to e-PHI.
  • With AdminDroid, you can easily find out who has permissions to critical information in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.
  • For example, our collection of reports on Mailbox Permissions allows you to monitor all the permissions granted to access critical mailboxes.
Spot unauthorized modifications and deletion of e-PHI files

Spot unauthorized modifications and deletion of e-PHI files

  • Inadvertent or intentional modification of e-PHI directly impacts the integrity of e-PHI and is thus a serious point of focus in HIPAA.
  • Such events must be identified, documented, and reviewed.
  • AdminDroid allows you to check for any anomalous modifications to files with critical e-PHI in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.
Monitor activity of those with ‘On-Deputed’ access to your mailbox

Monitor activity of those with ‘On-Deputed’ access to your mailbox

  • It sometimes becomes necessary, for business reasons, to share access of your mailbox with other employees.
  • However, this can raise the chances of critical e-PHI being compromised.
  • AdminDroid allows you to monitor and audit ‘Non-Owner’ mailbox access activities.
Identify the scale of MFA Implementation

Identify the scale of MFA Implementation

  • Multi-Factor Authentication has been recommended as a best practice for HIPAA compliance by the HHS for several years.
  • Microsoft 365, as an information system, comes pre-packaged with MFA.
  • With AdminDroid, you can identify and review the scale and scope of MFA implementation in your organization.
Retain your Office 365 Audit way past the HIPAA mandated 7 years.

Retain your Office 365 Audit way past the HIPAA mandated 7 years.

  • While being the perfect solution for enterprise productivity, Microsoft 365 disappoints us when it comes to retention of audit data.
  • This is a huge let-down as most regulations require audit records to be retained far longer than the one year given in the E5 subscription or the regular 90 days in the other subscriptions.
  • AdminDroid does not impose any restriction on retention. You can hold on to your audit data for as long as regulations stipulate.
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