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Around the Clock Auditing of all

AdminDroid provides precise details on all audit activities across Microsoft 365 services which helps you to identify every bit of details and manage your tenant effectively.

Around the Clock Auditing of all Office 365 Services
Monitor everything with minimal effort

Monitor everything with minimal effort.

Make sure no event goes unnoticed

Make sure no event goes unnoticed.

Know who did what to whom and when

Know who did what to whom, when.

Azure Active Directory

"Auditing activity in Azure AD is essential for reasons not limited to taking precautionary decisions. Now, you can monitor user activity, group activity, and do much more with Microsoft 365 auditing is easier with AdminDroid Azure AD audit reports."

Microsoft 365 Logins

"Monitoring users’ and guest users’ logins across various services and devices is prominent to protect your organization from various threats and attacks. It helps to identify the failed sign-ins, last logon details, risky sign-in details, and response taken by your organization to those risks."


"The cloud is highly susceptible to security breaches and round-the-clock monitoring is required to keep off intruders. AdminDroid allows you to isolate Office 365 security red-flags, expose weak links and help you maximize benefits out of Microsoft’s security tools."

Exchange Online

"Exchange Online is usually a target of malware, spam, and phishing campaigns and requires continuous auditing to stay robust. With AdminDroid, you can do a lot more than just tracking mailbox accesses and activities."


"Email monitoring is essential for admins to identify malicious emails and prevent email threats in the organization. AdminDroid serves crystal clear stats to audit mail traffic, email activity, etc., effectively."

Microsoft Teams

"Teams is the top collaboration tool used by enterprises to have a conversation with the fellow persons, share files, and more. It is prominent for admins to monitor the Teams activities, and stats on teams, channels, memberships, and ownerships."

Sharepoint Online

"SharePoint Online can house some of your most critical files holding sensitive information and hence requires round-the-clock auditing. AdminDroid allows you to be on top of managing your SharePoint environment at all times."


"Auditing your OneDrive for Business and OneNote are necessary for maintaining the safety and integrity of files and notes. AdminDroid allows you to audit your files, folders, and notes to the tiniest detail."

Power BI

"Power BI is a business analytics tool that can handle any amount of data in the cloud iteration. Regulating Power BI usage is necessary as a lot of sensitive information can be analyzed using this tool. AdminDroid allows you to comprehensively audit your Power BI environment on the go."

Microsoft Stream

"Stream is a corporate video sharing service offered by Microsoft as part of the Office 365 suite. Comprehensively audit your Streams environment with AdminDroid."

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