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Microsoft 365 FISMA Compliance Management

Stay ahead of the curve in achieving FISMA compliance and safeguard your financial information with AdminDroid’s
suite of compliance reports well-crafted to make you on time for your FISMA IT audit.

SOX Compliance
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Microsoft 365 FISMA Compliance Management Using AdminDroid

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requires all federal agencies of the U.S. Government and their contractors to protect their information systems by setting up a comprehensive information security program.

Only after going through a process of validation and accreditation, an information system allowed to be used. In case you are looking for a tool for generating reports and maintaining an audit trail of your Microsoft 365 Environment for your FISMA Accreditation, give AdminDroid a try.

A comprehensive FISMA Software solution for Microsoft 365, AdminDroid grants you enhanced visibility into your Microsoft 365 Environment allowing you to seamlessly maintain requirements and generate reports for FISMA audits.

Office 365 FISMA Compliance Management using AdminDroid

What is FISMA?

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) was a result of the U.S. Federal Government recognizing the importance of information security in the rapidly digitizing economy.

A part of the E-Government Act of 2002, it enforces, through legislation, the mission of the protection and elimination of risk to federal information systems while reducing the costs of the huge endeavour.

FISMA essentially details the standards and guidelines for data security that all federal agencies have to adopt. The scope of FISMA has since then been extended to contractors and state-run governmental programs.


Does your Microsoft 365 Environment need to be FISMA Compliant?

While Microsoft 365 and Microsoft 365 U.S. Government are FedRAMP Certified, the responsibility of ensuring that all of the baseline controls outlined by NIST are also implemented in your Microsoft 365 Environment falls on your hands. As a federal agency or one of its contractors, you must ensure that all applicable controls listed in NIST SP 800-53 are visibly applied in your Microsoft 365 Tenants.

Does your Office 365 Environment need to be FISMA Compliant?

Managing Microsoft 365 Compliance with Native Tools

All federal agencies and associated private companies must acquire FISMA certification and accreditation. Also, they must continuously monitor their information systems in the form of annual security reviews. While Microsoft offers great tools for FISMA compliance, it lets us down in the following areas.

Limited Reports with Little to No Granularity

Generating FISMA reports for reviews is essential in your FISMA compliance journey. With Microsoft 365, you have a limited number of reports with a low level of granularity. If one urgently needs a report, he is left with no choice but to write scripts which is highly inconvenient.

No Easy Way to Navigate through Audit Data

Microsoft 365 lacks an efficient search tool that helps one to navigate through the audit data repository. This can prove to be a big headache for IT personnel during reviews not limited to FISMA.

Limited Retention Period of Audit Data

Microsoft 365 has a limit on the retention period of audit data. Extending the duration requires one to invest in expensive Microsoft 365 plans.

How AdminDroid can help you with your FISMA Audit?

AdminDroid offers customizable reports for FISMA on all Microsoft 365 Services without any data retention restrictions.

With our trove of reports, you can breathe easy about generating the right ones on time for your FISMA audit. Our reports are customizable, meaning that you can drill down the report for specific data. They are easy to manage and can be scheduled in the format you desire. We have a dedicated search tool, so you don’t have to waste time searching for a specific report.

FISMA demands that audit record must be retained for a minimum of 3 years. Put your worries aside, because, with AdminDroid, you can retain audit data for as long as required.

To ease up your job, we have mapped our Compliance reports with the NIST controls, essential in implementing FISMA controls.

How can AdminDroid’s Report Collections help you in maintaining NIST SP 800-53 Controls?

We have compiled and mapped AdminDroid’s Report Collections to the NIST SP 800-53 controls to make your job of implementing and maintaining Office 365 centric security controls. Learn how AdminDroid can double up as your FISMA compliance reporting tool.


How can you ensure FISMA readiness using AdminDroid?

Monitor user access, device access, and external access to various Microsoft services in the organization.

Verify user identity, device identity, and authentication details to access the resources.

Review organization audit records periodically to spot suspicious activities.

Monitor system information like attacks, network details, software installs, etc., to secure the organization.


Check configuration change details to prevent the loophole to attackers.

Inspect risky activities and take appropriate measures.

Report Board for FISMA

AdminDroid has a dedicated Report Board featuring all the reports you will need for your FISMA Compliance Audit.

With AdminDroid, you can...

Monitor and audit the changes to
                                           your files

Maintain an audit trail of all events in your tenant

  • The first step in proving that you have all the applicable NIST Baseline Controls in place is to maintain an audit trail of everything as far back as you can go in time.
  • With AdminDroid, you can keep an easily accessible audit trail of all the events which have happened in your tenant.
Keep a tab on login activity

Manage access restrictions to critical files and folders

  • Our Microsoft 365 reporting tool offers you a good vantage point to identify and manage access limitations to critical files and folders. Our SharePoint and OneDrive Reports enable you to do this and much more.
Audit the account activity in your organization

Take a Bird’s-eye view of your Office 365 tenant

  • It is always important to have a high-level overview of what’s happening in your Microsoft 365 environment.
  • A preliminary check before a FISMA review can alert you of any abnormal events and activities. AdminDroid has a compilation of reports that can help you take a proverbial ‘Bird’s-eye View” of your Microsoft 365 environment.
Monitor and report on what your users are doing

Retain your audit data for as long as you want

  • The more popular subscription plans of Microsoft 365 have a 90-day cap on audit data retention. With AdminDroid, you can retain your audit trail for as long as your implementation of FISMA requires.
  • AdminDroid is designed in such a way that your audit trail stays on your own machines ridding you of any worries about security.
Review critical access rights and permissions across Office

Search and navigate through your audit data with ease

  • AdminDroid’s dedicated Search Tool allows you to seamlessly navigate through your audit data by summoning the right reports for you. With this ability, you can be relaxed throughout your FISMA reviews and continuous monitoring.
Retain audit data for as long as you want

Manage configuration of your Office 365 Environment from a single portal

  • With AdminDroid, you can monitor and manage the configuration of all the different aspects of your Microsoft 365 environment and report on them during audits. Report on Advanced Threat Protection matches and much more.
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