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Microsoft 365 Reporting without

AdminDroid Microsoft 365 Reporter provides PowerShell free reporting for your M365 environment.

Microsoft 365 Reporting without PowerShell
Break free from the shackles of scripting

Break free from the shackles of scripting.

Get to know your Office 365 Tenant

Get to know your Microsoft 365 Tenant.

Make decisions faster and better

Make decisions faster and better with more than 1600+ Reports.

Microsoft 365 Reports in AdminDroid

"Reports in AdminDroid are catogorized based on the Microsoft service they address"

Azure AD

Our comprehensive collection of reports on Azure AD assists you in analyzing your Azure AD tenant effectively.


Managing security of your Microsoft 365 environment is a breeze with AdminDroid's Security reports.

Exchange Online

Our Exchange Online reports provide an effortless way to keep track of and manage your Exchange environment.

Microsoft Teams

Get a clear understanding of your Teams features and permissions with our MS Teams analytics and reporting.

SharePoint Online

Streamline your SharePoint Online administration with AdminDroid's robust suite of reports.

OneDrive for Business

AdminDroid Analytics on OneDrive for Business allows you to safeguard the integrity of files in your OneDrive space.

Skype for Business

Take effective control of your Skype for Business environment with AdminDroid's collection of reports.

Microsoft Yammer

Monitor and manage your Yammer environment with ease using AdminDroid's Yammer reporting capabilities.


Get real-time updates on your Microsoft 365 environment and Office 365 services with AdminDroid's extensive metrics.

Azure Active Directory

"Azure AD is the centre of identity and access management in Microsoft 365. Managing Azure AD forms a major part of the workload of an Microsoft 365 Administrator."


"Managing security of your Office 365 environment is a breeze with AdminDroid’s Security Reports. Track MFA implementation and configuration changes, monitor administrator activities, and much more."

Exchange Online

"AdminDroid’s collection of reports on Exchange Online allow you to seamlessly identify, monitor, and manage the various aspects of mailboxes."

Microsoft Teams

"Teams is an enterprise platform for real-time communication and collaboration. AdminDroid’s collection of reports allow you to be on top of the various features and configurations of your Teams environment."

Sharepoint Online

"SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s most successful enterprise tools. For managing the cloud iteration of the collaboration platform, take a look at AdminDroid’s suite of reports. Comprehensively administer SharePoint Online with AdminDroid."

OneDrive for Business

"OneDrive for Business, a file hosting service for enterprises and during the course of its usage, can hold many important and sensitive files."


"Yammer is a social networking platform for enterprises to enable internal communications. Take complete control of your Yammer environment with AdminDroid's collection of reports on Yammer."

Microsoft 365

"AdminDroid’s Microsoft 365 Reports enable you to sweepingly monitor and manage your Microsoft 365 environment. Get information on users, administrators, groups, and much more."

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