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Microsoft 365 CJIS Compliance Management

AdminDroid streamlines your CJIS IT audit process, enabling you to generate accurate
reports on time to meet your audit requirements.

CJIS Compliance
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Microsoft 365 CJIS Compliance Management Using AdminDroid

CJIS compliance requires all criminal agencies, non-criminal agencies, and private agencies handling criminal justice information to comply with the CJIS security policy.

With the treasure trove of AdminDroid’s reports and numerous features, you can achieve CJIS compliance without a hitch.

In Addition, AdminDroid gives you a clear picture of all Microsoft 365 services in your organization with precise details and AI-generated insights.

Office 365 CJIS Compliance Management using AdminDroid

What is CJIS?

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS), the largest division under the FBI is formed in the year 1992 to ensure that criminal justice information has been handled and protected properly. The CJIS security policy v5.9 has been approved by the Advisory Policy Board and Compact Council in the year 2019.

Both criminal justice agencies and non-criminal justice agencies need to be compliant with CJIS for accessing the information.


Why is it important for Microsoft 365 to adhere to CJIS Regulations?

Any system that processes and stores criminal justice information like biometric data, criminal history information, etc., needs to be CJIS compliant. If you rely on Microsoft 365 for handling criminal justice information, your Microsoft 365 environment needs to comply with the CJIS security controls. In M365, you might use SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive, Power BI, and more for storing and processing criminal data. Thus, you need to assess these services with CJIS controls.

Why is it important for Microsoft 365 to adhere to CJIS Regulations?

Why should you look beyond Native Tools for Microsoft 365 Compliance Management?

Though Microsoft offers immense features and tools for attaining Microsoft 365 CJIS compliance with ease, it falls short when it comes to the following requirements.

No Compliance Reports Mapped to CJIS Standard

Microsoft 365 doesn’t provide compliance reports mapped to CJIS security controls. Thus, the IT team needs to dig deeply into each CJIS control and map the relevant reports manually, which is challenging.

Long Retention of Audit Data Requires Budget Boost

For compliance requirements, it is necessary to retain the audit log for a long period. In Microsoft 365, you can retain audit logs for up to 10 years with an Audit Premium license which increases your budget.

Monitoring Audit Log Becomes Challenging

Audit records contain massive data based on your search query. Spotting specific activity and finding relevant details becomes a real trouble for admins.

AdminDroid: The Smart Choice to Streamline Your CJIS Audit

Simplify compliance with AdminDroid: customized reports, infinite data retention, cutting-edge insights, and more.

AdminDroid’s trove of reports helps you to generate the right reports on time for your CJIS audit. Being customizable and providing in-depth details with AI-generated charts make our reports the top choice for all your compliance desires. You don’t need to navigate multiple portals to find specific reports. Get all the required reports in hand within seconds with our CJIS report bundle.

CJIS demands to retain the audit log for a minimum of 1 year. In addition, audit logs need to be retained as long as required for administrative or operational purposes. Put your worries aside because, with AdminDroid, you can retain audit data for as long as required.

To ease up your CJIS compliance, we have mapped our compliance reports with the CJIS security policy v5.9, which is essential for implementing CJIS controls.

How can AdminDroid’s Report Collections effectively maintain the CJIS Security Controls?

We have compiled and mapped AdminDroid’s report collections with the CJIS security policy v5.9 controls to make your implementation and maintenance smoother. Learn how AdminDroid kicks off your difficulties in CJIS compliance reporting.


How AdminDroid solve your Challenges and prepare you for CJIS Audit?

Identify users, groups, and devices accessing your organization’s resources.

Track authentication methods and their details configured in the tenant.

Monitor admin privileges, user access on mailboxes, ownership, and membership change details.

Supervise user activities and inactive users on all Microsoft 365 services.

Verify file sharing, file access, and file deletion activities to secure your organization’s data.

Trace users’ failed logins, risky sign-ins, and system alerts to stay on top of risky activities.

Report Board for CJIS

AdminDroid offers a dedicated Report Board curated for the centralized management of CJIS Reports.

Look What you can do with AdminDroid...

Determine who has access to your organization's data

Determine who has access to your organization's data

  • Identifying Microsoft 365 users, groups, and devices having access to your tenant’s data is foremost to secure your information.
  • AdminDroid helps you to identify all the identities with in-depth details and monitor whenever any of the properties have been changed.
Keep a tab on login activity

Monitor the authentication techniques implemented to prevent unauthorized usage

  • It is a must to have multi-level authentication methods to defend against unauthorized usage of your user accounts.
  • With AdminDroid, you can stay on top of authentication details configured like MFA, CA policies, password change activities, password resets, etc., with valuable insights.
Ensure only the least privileges have been granted

Ensure only the least privileges have been granted

  • Granting users only the required privileges can avoid excessive highly privileged accounts in the organization. It is a major loophole for attackers to enter your organization.
  • AdminDroid’s wide-ranging reports let you track admin-privileged accounts, access given to others’ mailboxes, role scope changes, ownership changes, and membership changes.
Track data sharing and access to avoid unwanted data exposure

Track data sharing and access to avoid unwanted data exposure

  • For securing data, it is required to keep an eye on file sharing and file access activities to avoid suspicious usage of information.
  • AdminDroid lets you track file sharing, link-sharing activities, anonymous file accesses, external invites, file deletions, and more.
Stay on top of risky activities to defend against threats

Stay on top of risky activities to defend against threats

  • Analyzing suspicious incidents and risky sign-ins on time is prominent when securing your data from intruders.
  • With AdminDroid’s report treasure, you can spot spam, malware, device sign-ins, risk-resolved details, and secure score details. Also, you can get in-depth details on risky sign-ins, users’ failed sign-ins, system-generated alerts, etc.
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