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All-in-One Solution for Effective SharePoint Online Management

Optimize your SharePoint Online management intensely with AdminDroid like never before. Keep an eagle eye on SharePoint site permissions, external file sharing, site storage consumption, ownerships, group memberships, etc., to exempt data abuse in the organization.

SharePoint Online

Being a SharePoint Admin, they need to look into the site permissions, site storage, inactive users, file sharing and access, lists, document libraries, and the list goes on. So, admins should track every suspicious activity, privilege change, and site storage consumption to ensure secure file sharing, seamless data storage, and collaboration.

AdminDroid's SharePoint Online reporting and auditing tool provides 180+ reports which help to monitor SPO data effortlessly. It is purpose-built for Microsoft admins to ease up their SPO management like never before. They can monitor each respective data available in the organization with no exceptions. It includes site permissions, group management, site collection details, SPO site usage, etc.

SharePoint online reporitng and auditing
SharePoint Online Reporting

SharePoint Online Reporting

AdminDroid SharePoint Online reporting tool provides 50+ reports about site collection, site groups, inactive SPO sites and users, SharePoint lists, libraries, and SPO usage in the organization. The all-inclusive statistics provided in this tool help admins manage SharePoint Online better than before. Have a look into the overview of SharePoint Online reports available in this tool.

  • SharePoint Site Collection & Sites Reporting: Acquire all the site collection and site details in SharePoint Online, right from site sharing and site upgrades to site permissions. Secure your SPO external sharing and collaboration with deep analysis by filtering the data by sharing configs, site collection name, site name, etc.
  • SharePoint Permissions Reporting: Get in-depth details of all the users who have permission to access SharePoint Online sites and SharePoint groups. Check the guest users, group memberships, ownerships, etc., to prevent excessive privileges assigned to users.
  • SharePoint Online Usage Reporting: Discover daily activity summary with in-depth assessment and graphical visualization of site usage. Find out the SPO site storage, active sites, active files, active users, internal and external file sharing, etc.
  • SharePoint Lists & Document Libraries: Obtain accurate reports and statistics on SPO lists & library details. Get all the lists and library info such as hidden and empty lists & libraries, custom permission, and more.

SharePoint Online Auditing

AdminDroid SharePoint Online auditing tool provides 125+ reports to keep track of the changes happening in the Office 365 SharePoint environment. Admins can look through each of the details including site admin changes, group membership changes, file sharing activities, and much more. Check out the glance of SharePoint Online audit reports in this tool.

  • Site Collection & Group Membership Auditing: Pay attention to SharePoint Online site permission changes including admin addition, removal, and change request. Also, you will get the SPO group membership reports include group changes, group deletions, external user addition, removals, etc.
  • SharePoint Sharing & Access Auditing: Keep a check on the SharePoint sharing & access activities to avoid any suspicious file sharing or access in the organization. Dig out every bit of the details about the accepted access requests, denied requests, accepted and revoked sharing invites, company links accesses, anonymous links accesses, and more.
  • SharePoint Files & DLP Auditing: Look into the in-depth details and insightful charts on SharePoint Online file activities and DLP actions. Obtain the info on accessed files, renamed files, file downloads, file deletions, restored files, etc. On top of everything, admins’ file activity reports have been provided separately.
  • SharePoint Folders & Page Activities: Inquire into the SharePoint Online folder and page activities happening in the organization. Gather the precise details about renamed folders, moved folders, deleted and restored folders, external user activities in SharePoint pages, and much more.
SharePoint Online Auditing
SharePoint Online Alerting

SharePoint Online Alerting

SharePoint Online admins, Security admins, and Global admins have the responsibility to secure their organizations’ data from various attacks and threats. Better security management lies in the instant identification of suspicious activities and taking necessary actions. Here, AdminDroid alerting comes with several alert policies for tracking key SharePoint actions.

  • Get alerts for the unusual number of file deletions and downloads happening in the organization.
  • Keep track of modifications made on tenant and site level sharing policies in the tenant.
  • Track external file sharing and access happening in SharePoint Online.
  • Get notified when confidential information accessed using anonymous links
  • Stay informed of sensitive files accessed by users.
  • Pay attention to data loss prevention rule-matched documents in SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online Usage & Adoption

For better SharePoint Online management, admins need to identify the usage of SharePoint Online in the organization. Here, AdminDroid provides a ‘Usage & Adoption’ Dashboard to give admins a better view of their SharePoint Online environment. It spotlights the much-needed stats like trending SharePoint files consumed storage, active sites, users’ activity, etc., which are beyond compare. It provides the bird’s eye view and the ant’s eye view of the SharePoint Online data with appealing graphs and in-depth stats. This dashboard is truly a delight for admins to improve their SharePoint Online performance.

SharePoint Online Usage and Adoption

Azure Active Directory

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Microsoft 365 Alerting

Get to know how AdminDroid alerting enables you to stay ahead of all risky activities happening in the organization. 48+ prebuilt policies will make you track prominent activities on the go.

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Usage and Adoption

Analyze the usage of Microsoft 365 resources, Microsoft 365 apps, and inactive users deeply in your organization with appealing dashboards. Explore what you will monitor across various Office 365 services.

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